Okay here it is after much time and effort, here is the new Have a enjoy a look around. Nichole and I have redone the
website in order to keep our families updated who live so far away. We
will post news from time to time so check back for updates. Also to the
left you will see links to different parts of our online journal plus a
link to a gallery. I will always upload new photos of what is going on
in our lives so have a look in there. Also if you need to contact us or
forgot our email use the contact page and last of all you can register
at the site and post comments as well.

New Features:

  • New webmail login to the right of the page
  • You can download high resolution photos from the gallery or order prints from shutterfly.
  • Links to our favorite things

If you need any help visit the contact page and shoot me a message. Thanks