Christmas Letter 2017

Volume 13

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Its that time of year again, we are so excited for the Christmas Season this year as there have been many changes in the Tucker household in 2017.

First we decided to move! Crazy we know, but we found a ranch with LOTS of room for us to grow (160 acres worth). Considering how much room the kids 4-H animals took up this year that is a good thing since they are wanting to increase their projects again! We are very glad to be settled here, it is just east of where we used to live by about 5 miles. We are still loving New Mexico which is a good thing since Nichole never wants to move again!

Derek has been busy with work, lots of Statistics that he can’t speak about and was able to travel back to Tallahassee to give an invited talk at his Alma Mater. He has been busy at church as well, he was released from the Bishopric he was serving in, as the Bishop took a work assignment in D.C. They then scooped him up to be on the High Council for the Stake. This means he helps with the organization and administrative business of the 8 Wards or Units of the Church in our area. He is in charge of the Primary Age Children and Cub Scouts. He just can’t get away from Scouting and is loving it!

Nichole was also released from the Relief Society Presidency as we were moving wards and was then called back into the Relief Society Presidency as the First Councilor. She is looking forward to serving the women of our new ward, Estancia Valley. She is also still subbing at the kids school and has really found working with the kids rewarding. She is still the Secretary for our Back Country Horsemen Chapter and is also doing Box Tops for the School. The UC is still being well controlled despite the stress of selling and buying houses and is really grateful for her health!

Heidi is enjoying 3rd grade and is excelling. She is reading at a 9th grade reading level so we are trying hard to challenge her in that area. She was also baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in July. We were blessed to have lots of family attend and really enjoyed seeing them. We are so proud of her for making this choice.She also enjoyed showing her Lamb and Rabbit at 4-H this year and is looking forward to getting another rabbit and more sheep as she will be a Novice. Which means she will be officially competing.

James is doing great in 1st grade, he loves his teacher and is doing really well in all areas of learning. ( One smart cookie like his Dad of whom he is a mini-me) He also showed his rabbit, which is almost as big as he is, and his Lamb who he got to behave really well for the Judge. He will still be a Cloverbud but is looking forward to trying to show pigs and maybe a steer if he can convince Mom and Dad. He’s been riding in the back country by himself for rides up 10 miles. We are really proud of him.

We are all still very involved with Back Country Horseman and have enjoyed lots of rides and camping trips this summer. We also took a trip camping to Colorado to see the old College crowd and to enjoy Pagosa Springs. It was a great trip even though there was lots of rain.

Our family has been so blessed this year we cannot thank our Heavenly Father enough. We wish many blessings on you and your family this year, and hope that this Christmas Season brings you the joy of our Savior Jesus Christ.


Derek, Nichole Heidi and James

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  1. Merry Christmas , and a very Happy New Year to a very sweet and special family, we miss you all!

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