Wow it’s March Already!

Well,  I can’t believe it’s March already!

We spent Christmas Eve with some friends and had a great Swedish inspired meal. Our family had a great Christmas at home, the kids enjoyed their presents. We had very little snow this winter but we did have some snow and the kids loved playing in it. 


James loved that he got to have a winter break with Heidi and get some time off from school. He is doing really well in Kindergarten and is starting to read all by himself. He is also testing at a 1st-grade level so we are super proud of the progress that he is making.

Heidi is still reading at a 4th-grade level and increasing the number of books she is reading daily. She is really enjoying 2nd grade and we are proud of the progress that she is making. 

The kids are enjoying 4-H and are getting ready to get some Lambs as well and working with the rabbits. They really like all the kids in the group and are excited for more activities in the spring. 

Now that the weather has started to warm up we are getting ready to get back to horseback riding in the mountains. We have already been on a few training rides with our Back Country Horseman group and have been enjoying the warmer weather. 

We are excited for the spring and will keep everyone updated on all the fun stuff going on around here. 

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