Christmas Letter Vol 12

Hello Everyone!

It’s time again to look back and see how much we have accomplished this year. As a family we’ve done pack trips, trail rides and lots of trail service work with help from our Back Country Horsemen group and our new mule Jesse. He’s been a great addition to the herd. We were also able to take a trip to Jackson, Wyoming to see Derek’s family and ride the horses on some neat trails in the Cache Creek Wilderness. In August we went to Fort Collins, CO to see the brand new LDS temple that was built and to see some old friends that are still there. 

We’ve all individually had some big changes as well!

Derek is still loving all the statistical work he does at Sandia, even though he can’t talk about it. He’s looking forward to getting his HAM license soon and he loves hanging out with all those electronic geeks. He was also called into the Bishopric in our ward at church, which means he is now one of the men responsible for the members of our congregation. This has kept him very busy, but he loves the opportunity it gives him to work with the members and especially the youth. 

Heidi is loving second grade. She is excelling in math and especially reading where she is at a 4th grade level. It’s been hard to keep her in books as she goes through them so fast! She also joined 4-H and is looking forward to showing her rabbit Whiskers and some sheep if she can talk dad into it. 

James started kindergarten and is loving it. He has 12 other boys in his class with a few girls so they keep the teacher on her toes! He also joined 4-H and will be showing his rabbit Copper. We told him he could show sheep but he’s got to wait until he’s a bit bigger to show steers, which he really wanted to do. He has started riding his horse by himself and got promoted to riding Yuma since he was doing so well. 

Nichole has been very well, her UC has been in remission for a year now with no significant flair ups. This is huge news in our family. She is also enjoying the free time she has now that the 2 kids are in school and has been taking trail rides with friends, sewing, and also volunteering in the classrooms. She also became a certified substitute teacher and loves giving the kids a high five between classes, they think its cool now but we’re not sure how long this will last. 

We are so thankful for all the blessings that we have received this year. We are especially grateful for the life of Jesus Christ and the opportunities and blessings that it affords us. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


Derek, Nichole, Heidi and JW


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