Summer…Fall… How Time Flies

Well, it has been a long time since we have updated the blog, mostly we have had a busy summer and fall. After we got back from Jackson we went up to Fort Collins, CO for the Fort Collins LDS Temple open house. It was amazing to see something the stake started 7 years ago become a reality. We were able to catch up with old friends and spend time looking around the temple grounds. The temple will be a great blessing to those in the area. 


We spent most of the summer and fall in the mountains on pack trips. We were able to pack in supplies for the NPS in Bandolier National Park, a few trips in the Manzanos for the NFS, and our usual trip into Beatty’s cabin over Labor Day. The trip into Bandolier was a great one as we don’t get to ride in the Park and the kids had the opportunity to look around the park and explore the kivas.




During our trip to Beatty’s cabin, we were able to support Dallas’ Eagle Project. Dallas is one of Derek’s YM at church and our neighbor. His project was to restore the steps on the tack shed at the cabin and the BCHNM provided pack support and food for the project. Since we had to pack in supplies we got to spend an extra day at the cabin and in the wilderness (the kids were excited for that, minus the part about getting soaked on the ride in). The project was a great success and all the scouts really enjoyed being in the backcountry.


Digital Camera



Both kids are in school now as JW started Kindergarten and Heidi is in 2nd grade. They both are enjoying school and Nichole has started a substitute teacher to keep her a little busy during the week. Heidi and JW have also started 4-H this year and are cloverbuds. They both wanted to do rabbits and market lambs so we now have rabbits in the barn and sheep soon as winter is over. They are way excited and the 4-H club we joined is really well run and it helps that the kids have friends in it.


This October I went on my first Elk hunt in New Mexico and was able to draw a muzzleloader Bull tag. I was invited to go with friends from BCHNM and was able to harvest an Elk. It was a great trip into the Cruces Basin Wilderness and hope to take the family back there next summer to explore. It was nice to fill the freezer this year with Elk meat and JW is enthralled with the Jerky.



Overall, we have been busy now preparing for the Christmas season as we just finished Thanksgiving up here in NM. We spent the holiday with friends from Church and had a great relaxing break filled with movies (Moana), games, and sleeping.

Derek, Nichole, Heidi, and JW

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