JW is 5!!

JW just had his 5th birthday on the 31st. I can’t believe how fast time flies. He starts school this next year and Nichole will have the house to herself during the day. I bet the horses will be in good shape! JW got a ton of Legos for his birthday and I am pretty sure he would not have it any other way.

2016-05-31 07.26.18



We also just got back from a our annual camping trip to Panchuela in the Pecos Wilderness. We spent 4 days over Memorial day weekend camping, relaxing, and enjoying the wilderness. Derek and Nichole also received cross-cut certification from the Forest Service over the weekend so they are now “legal” to use the cross-cut saw on BCHNM outings. Derek also used Jesse and hauled 200lbs of salt into the Game and Fish cabin up near Beatty’s Cabin. Jesse has been a great addition to the herd and is going to be a great pack animal. The kids had a wonderful time camping and were tired at the end of each day. They really enjoy the outdoors and being on the horses.

2016-05-29 10.19.09 copy

2016-05-29 13.24.49 HDR-2 copy

2016-05-30 12.09.06 copy


Summer has started with multiple camping trips planned with friends and family and multiple rides in the Pecos and other spots around the west!

Derek, Nichole, Heidi, and JW

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