Spring is here in NM…some days

So we have been very busy this spring. We have enjoyed some nice and warm weather and well some not so nice weather as well. Spring Snow showers seem to bring flowers in New Mexico some days. Derek has also had lots of changes to his church calling as he is now the 2nd councilor in the Bishopric at Church. This has thrown the family into a bit of a loop trying to adjust to having him serve in this calling but we are all so excited for the opportunities we have for growth. He is still working with the Youth and especially the Boy Scouts which he loves and is looking forward to doing some camping and working on Eagle Projects.

Nichole’s health is stable as the issues from the Fall have seemed to be resolved. The doctor’s still aren’t sure what caused the flair up but we were all glad when the steroids and antibiotics calmed things down quickly.

Heidi is loving first grade and is one of the top readers in her class. She was also one of the lead roles in a short play they put on in their reading group called ” Frog and Toad.” We may have some more dramatic endeavors in our future.

James has been busy learning all his letters and constantly telling Mommy he knows it all. I just have to remind him that we all have to learn new things everyday and review all the old stuff so we don’t forget. Not sure if he buys it.

On the nice days we have been able to get out and go for some rides in the lower mountains with our Back Country Group. These pictures are of us in the Four Hills area just out side of Albuquerque.

2016-02-13 10.34.31

2016-02-13 10.34.09

We also had a visit from some family. Grammy and Papa came for a few days after they went to the NASCAR race in Pheonix. Derek and Patty were able to go to the Albuquerque Temple for a Baptismal session.

2016-03-16 17.18.49

We also had an addition to our heard. Jesse the mule is now the LAST equine to be joining the heard. He is 12 years old and about 1,100 pounds which makes him pretty solid. We are planning on using him to carry all the gear we need for some back country expeditions this year.

2016-03-18 16.34.58

During the short Easter Break from school we took the kids to the Zoo with some friends from church. They enjoyed seeing the animals and playing with their friends.

2016-03-25 10.13.55

2016-03-25 10.06.03

Our most recent project that we completed was our back yard fence. We enlarged the yard and took out the funky metal pipe fence posts the previous owners used. We had a fun time working together and the kids even helped out some. The final project looks great .

We are gearing up for our spring service projects with out Back Country Horseman group and plan to start hitting the trails in the next few weeks. Hopefully the snow will be done for the season, but as always above 9,000 feet in New Mexico its a gamble. We are also looking forward to Heidi’s spring break this week where we will try to do some fun things we don’t normally get to do.

Hope all is well!


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