Christmas and the Blizzard!

Happy 2016!

We hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

We had a busy Christmas week. The kids had a great Christmas and were excited by what Santa left under the tree, Rescue Bots ( Transformers) and a new Saddle Pad and Unicorn. They also enjoyed a new Tee – Pee from Grammy and Papa that a good friend made. They think it’s the best place to play and read books.

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It wasn’t quite a white Christmas, but we were bombarded the next 2 days with non-stop snow which produced about 20 inches, though with the wind drifting the snow we aren’t quite sure exactly how much we got. The kids have been enjoying going out to play in the snow, sledding and getting pulled around by the Kubota. We helped shovel out a few neighbors when it finally stopped Monday, and ventured to town on Tuesday. The weather has been colder so the snow looks like it will be sticking around for a little while. The horses and dogs are also enjoying the snow in their own ways.

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Since Daddy has been home and we were inside a lot due to the snow, we decided to introduce the kids to Star Wars. Their favorite part was the Ewalks and proceeded to run around the house yelling Ewok attack while brandishing light sabers. It has been pretty funny to watch.

We are looking forwarding to 2016 and all it will bring. Have a safe New Year!

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