Christmas Letter 2015


Hello Everyone!

We can’t believe it is Christmas time again, this seems to happen faster every year as we keep getting busier and busier!

This year has been pretty amazing as we have gotten familiar with New Mexico and were really able to enjoy riding in the Mountains all summer long.

Derek has been keeping busy at work as he changed positions, he is now in the Statistics Department where he is able to do more research, which he loves, and still work with his old group doing practical applications. He is still working with the Scouts at church and has been able to take them to lots of locations around New Mexico and Colorado to summer camp.

Nichole is still busy with volunteering at the School, working in the Relief Society at Church and being involved with the Back Country Horseman group the family joined in January. She has been able to write several articles highlighting the groups’ work that has been published in the local Horse Around New Mexico Magazine. Her health is steady at the moment after a brief flair up after 7 months of remission. The Humira seems to be helping so the Doctor will let us know how to proceed.

Heidi is enjoying 1st grade and has straight A’s. She has started riding her horse in the mountains by herself and she and Emma make quite the pair. They are the leaders when it comes to water crossings and she seems to enjoy being out in front.

James is our typical boy and likes to keep us on our toes. He is learning his letters and numbers to prepare for Kindergarten next year, which he says he can’t go to until he’s 5. He has started riding Istu by himself, while being ponied by Mom. He seems to like having his own animal to ride, and Mom and Dad enjoy not being elbowed in the ribs the whole way. Due to this development we had to get another horse, so Yuma MMR a 4 year old registered Appaloosa joined the heard as Dad’s horse.

New Mexico has been wonderful and we have been able to go camping and riding with our Back Country group which has been a lot of fun to do as a family. The kids have really taken to it and that makes Derek very happy!

We were also able to make a few trips to see family in Burley, ID Salt Lake City, UT and Yuma, AZ this year and it was good to get the kids to see family they hadn’t seen in a few years.

Our family has been very blessed since our move to New Mexico and we are looking forward to what the future has for us. We are ever grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and his birth that we get to celebrate at this time of year. We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Derek, Nichole, Heidi and JW


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