Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! It has been a very busy November for the Tucker Family, we have enjoyed our first snow storm, which produced a 2 hour school delay for the kids. That allowed them to get some sledding in and a few snow angels before it melted away. They were super excited and keep asking when the next one is coming.

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We were also able to have a visit from our friends the Haynie family, who came down for the Colorado State vs. UNM game. It was really fun to have friends come and visit and even better that CSU won the game. Go RAMS!

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Finally for Thanksgiving we decided to head to Yuma to see Pa and Grandma T, Derek’s grandparents. It was the first time we had seen them in a few years and nice to be able to see where they like to spend their winters. The weather was really nice in the upper sixties and we were able to see Derek’s great aunt Suzie and her husband Kirby as well as Derek’s Mom and Dad who decided take the trip. Derek also drove us into California, just over the river from Yuma so Nichole could say she had finally been there.

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On the way back home we went north to  Montazuma Castle one of the Pueblo’s in Northern Arizona where Grammy lived as a little girl when Great  Grandpa worked for the Park Service. We then went to Sedona and were able to have dinner with the Caresia family ( Gene, Marjean, Courtney, Justin, and Morgan)  as they were there visiting Justin and Morgan who are going to Law School in Phoenix. It was fun to see them as well since it had been the last family reunion since we had seen all of them. It was also really neat to see the rock formations in that area.

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The last stop before we left for home was at Petrified Forest to show the kids another National Park where their Great Grandpa had worked back in the 60’s. James really liked the dinosaur bones that we got to see and Heidi liked all the pink in the Painted Desert.

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All in all a really fun trip but it is nice be back home.


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