Fall is Here

Fall has finally arrived in Northern New Mexico and has been keeping us busy. We started off with a trip to Burley, ID for Derek’s Grandmother’s 80th birthday party and it was great to see family. Heidi and JW loved seeing great-grandpa and great-grandma. It was also a great time to catch-up with Derek’s family as it has been over a few years since we had seen some of them. We also stopped in Salt Lake City to see Nichole’s sister and brother-in law and show the kids Temple Square. It had been a little over 10years since we had been on the very spot, our wedding day, and the Heidi snapped a pretty good photo of us in front of the temple. It has been nice being closer and having the ability to see them more.

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The weather has been great and we are still riding in the backcountry and we probably took our last trip before the weather turns back into the Pecos. We took a trip to Stewart Lake and took along the pack rods and did a little fishing. JW and Derek were unsuccessful at catching a fish, something about time of day and wrong fishing rod, but JW had a great time. He also caught a blue golf frisbee off the bottom of the lake which he was more than thrilled with.

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The month of October brings the Balloon Fiesta to Albuquerque and Derek’s parents came down for the week which it decided to rain at the house all week. It was actually nice down in Albuquerque, however, the night we went to for the Night Glo was a no-go for wind. We still got a good fireworks show and had a good time showing Grammy and Papa around the area and even spent a day in the old town part of Santa Fe.

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Lastly, the pumpkin patches have opened up all over and the kids went down with our friends from Albuquerque and had a blast picking out their pumpkins and doing all the various activities (there is a pretty good selection of pictures in the gallery). Now, they are excited to carve their pumpkins for Family Home Evening this week and Mom is quickly sewing away making costumes. Also, JW and Derek were able to attend the UNM Homecoming game due to the wonderful generosity of a member of our ward and we both had a great time, and according to Derek, JW wanted food every quarter. Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

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Derek, Nichole, Heidi, and JW

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