Beatty’s Cabin and Family Portraits

We just got back from a great weekend in the Pecos Wilderness in the Santa Fe National Forest. We packed in on the horses and mules to Beatty’s Cabin which is 7 miles in. The cabin and the area have a neat history (see the book). We were able to stay at the cabin as we were doing maintenance on the cabin for the Forest Service. Some of the things we had to do were fixing the spring box, pluming from the spring box, and oiling the cabin. We spent 4 days/3 nights up in the wilderness and the kids had a wonderful time playing around the cabin, helping, and riding the horses. We went up with Pecos Chapter of the Backcountry Horseman of America so we had plenty of pack stock for food and supplies.

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We were also able to take a couple of rides back deeper into the Pecos Wilderness Area and had some wonderful views. It was great to spend the weekend with wonderful friends and a lot of the members of the group are like surrogate family for us and the kids. It has been great experience for the kids this summer to get out and camp in the wilderness and Heidi’s riding ability has increased immensely since the beginning of the summer.

We also recently had new family pictures taken again (thanks DeAnn Payne!). We went to small town north of Edgewood called Madrid. It is the place where they filmed the small town scenes from Wild Hogs. The town has a neat mining history and little bit of an eclectic feel with all the artists that live there now. DeAnn did a wonderful job and we had a nice morning walking around the town.

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There are a few more horseback trips before the snow flies in the mountains and the kids are begging for one more camping trip and JW wants to take the fishing poles. Every time we have had them the river has been too high or too low or like last weekend I forgot it at the trailer. Hopefully we will get some fishing in on our trip up to Stewart Lake.

Derek, Nichole, Heidi, and JW

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