Summer Fun

We have been busy over the past month with summer activities. We have been in the mountains riding the horses almost every weekend and Heidi has become quite the rider. We also purchased another horse, Yuma MMR, and we are finishing Istu off so JW will have his own horse by the end of the summer and the start of next year. So yes we are now back up to 4 horses with more mouths to feed. Heidi has been enthralled with the wildflowers up in the Pecos Wilderness. The flowers have been spectacular this year as we have had a very wet spring/summer which has brought us out of drought conditions. The mountains and desert are very green this year in New Mexico.

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Derek also just got home from a week up at scout camp. He went to San Isabel Scout Ranch which is near Rye, CO. He had a great week and the boys really enjoyed the camp, especially since it had a lake and a good set of the aquatics merit badges. He couldn’t even convince the boys to go on a hike as they would rather be on the lake in a canoe or kayak.

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The kids have been having a good summer and I can’t believe we have a 6yr old and a 4yr old now. Nichole just finished their portraits and as usual they were goofballs the entire time. They are truly the love of our lives.

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Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Derek, Nichole, Heidi, and JW

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