Spring Riding and Camping

Hey all!

It has been a busy spring and early summer for the Tucker Family. We have been on several rides here in New Mexico and were able to go into Colorado for a fun camp out.

The first few rides and camping were in the Pecos Wilderness area of New Mexico as we spent a cold Memorial Day camping with our Back Country Horseman’s group. We did some trail maintenance and tread work in Jack’s Creek. As the name implies we were working around a creek, and the horses had a bit of trouble remembering what running water was. So we had to work on that a bit and they are doing much better, thanks to some friends and quite a bit of work.

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We did get snowed on a bit while we were up there and it really made us remember what camping during that time of year is like! Heidi and JW had a great time with camping and did really well for it being their first time camping out side of the back yard and for it being so cold.

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We also went down south a bit for some riding in the Manzano mountains and some more trail maintenance there. While there Heidi and JW helped saw the logs that needed to be removed and loved the fact that they could play with the tools.

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The last camping trip we took was to Colorado just outside of Westcliffe. We met up with some old college friends and their kids. The kids out numbered the adults and it was a ton of fun for everyone. Even though it rained a little bit it was a fun time. It was really nice for Derek and Nichole as well as it had been some time since we had seen some of these friends and their kids.

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So far we have been really busy and the horses have been gettingĀ  great workouts. Heidi has been enjoying Summer break and we also have been able to have some fun days at home. We are so blessed to be back in the Mountains and be able to share all this fun with the kids.

Hope you all are well.

Nichole, Derek, Heidi and JW


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