Spring back in the Mountains

Well it has been a while since we have posted. Spring has sprung in the mountains of New Mexico, or some days we still had winter. It has been a little bit of an adjustment to realize that we can’t plant the garden for a few more weeks and snow is still possible over the past few months. Especially as we see the gardens of our friends in Florida and how big and green they are. However, we have loved the weather getting warmer and seeing the kids really enjoy the mountains.

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Over the past couple of months we have taken quite a bit of trips into the surrounding mountains on the horses and Heidi is really becoming a good rider and spending most of the time riding by herself on the trail. The terrain we have been in has been rugged at times and she has handled it well, even the cold wintry weather we had last month. JW is enjoying riding with his Daddy and being outside as much as he can.

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Heidi is doing excellent in school and is getting ready for her progression ceremony out of kindergarten in the next couple of weeks. She continues to excel at Math and stated she wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. She loves her animals and being on her horse or playing with the dogs.

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Derek has been extremely busy with work and has started to travel again and is really enjoying the work he is doing. Nichole has been involved with the school and helping Heidi’s class and riding her horses again. Since we have moved to New Mexico we have found some really excellent doctors and have been able to get her UC under control and she has been able to ride for long periods of time and really enjoying it.

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Hope everyone is having a great spring. We are planning on being busy camping with the horses and riding as all the kids want to do this summer is camp.
Derek, Nichole, Heidi, and JW

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