Winter Riding

Winter Riding

Hey ya’ll!

Once again its time for a blog post. We have had a fun few weeks enjoying some snow and some warming temperatures. Heidi had her first snow day and the kids learned how to use a sled. It was so much fun to have the day with them and be able to play in the snow. They have really grown to love the snow and their Daddy could not be prouder.

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08-Jan-2015 08:07

We were able to go on a horseback ride on the western side of the Sandia Mountains on Saturday. It was nice to get the horses out and the kids had a fun time as well. It was a nice day and it felt great to be able to ride in the middle of January, and it was fun to be able to explore a new area.

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17-Jan-2015 15:44

Derek has been busy with Scouts and work both of which are going very well. The scouts are planning another camp out soon and Derek is looking forward to some more winter camping.

Nichole has been doing well with the new medication and will be off the steroids soon so hopefully the meds will continue to work. She was excited to get back to riding and her leg seems to be doing ok.

We hope you all are doing well!

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