Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so glad to have been able to have Derek’s Family come for Thanksgiving this year. It was the first time that we got to meet our nephew Blake as he was adopted this past spring and it had been almost 2 years since we had seen JJ so it was fun to see how much the boys had grown. Heidi and JW loved playing with their cousins and spending time with Grammy, Papa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Traci! We had a great time riding and showing them around downtown Albuquerque, as it was the first time any of them had been here. The weather has been pretty warm so it was an enjoyable few days.

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We have been keeping pretty busy with Heidi’s school and JW and Mommy were able to go to the Thanksgiving celebration, which was a pretty fun snack time with some games and costumes. Heidi continues to do very well at school and is starting to read lots of words and sounds some out that she doesn’t know. She is making us very proud.

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JW is busy being Mommy’s helper and we are working on his letters and shapes. He also likes to ride his horse with Daddy and is working on steering the horse a little by himself. He also had his first boy accident and had to get a staple in his head after bucking him self out of the Kubota and falling on the gravel driveway. He was fine except for a little road rash but if this is the indication of things to come we may need to find a closer Urgent Care!

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Derek has been busy with projects at work and with his Boy Scouts. They worked on their cooking merit badge this month and made some yummy green chicken chili casseroles and homemade ice cream.

Nichole has been busy with the kids and starting the new medication Humira. She has had 2 doses and it seems to be helping along with being on some steroids for a short period which she will be going off of this week. We will know if this medication will work in the next couple of months so fingers crossed this one will take.

We are looking forward to the Christmas season and the kids are hoping for some more snow soon so they can go out and play in it again. They had a blast a couple of weeks ago when it was snowing and they got to play in it. The horses and dogs all had to remember what the white stuff was and made some funny faces. Swifty who had never seen snow was shocked as he saw Summit running around and loving it.

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Love to you all!

Nichole, Derek, Heidi and JW

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