Mountains and School


We are getting settled into the house here in New Mexico and are enjoying being back in the mountains again. The people here are wonderful and we have already made some new friends and have gotten reacquainted with old ones. We went out last weekend on a trail ride with the horses up on the east side of the Sandia mountains. We had a great trip and the kids did great on their first trail ride in the mountains. Heidi loved riding Emma by herself and picking the wildflowers along the trail.

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Heidi has also started Kindergarten and is absolutely loving it. The school is close to our home and one of her friends from church is in her class so she has adjusted quickly and loves her teacher. She comes home everyday talking about all the fun stuff they did and loves to show off her work. We can’t believe our oldest has started school and how quickly time has flown by.

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Derek is enjoying the new job and all the new research he is getting to do. It has been pretty cool having neighbors and people from church working at the same facility. It has enabled Derek to carpool to work which saves on gas money and makes the commute more enjoyable. Derek has also gotten back into the mountains and went hiking with our neighbors to summit Santa Fe Baldy at 12600ft and find a few geocaches on the way. For those that know Derek he loves being in the mountains, especially up high and he loved the hike even though his body is still adjusting to the altitude. He also was called back into the YM presidency at church, so he will be at home working with the young men and scouts.

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Nichole is doing well and has found good doctors here which has helped tremendously. She also is trying to get adjusted to having just JW home all day, though it seems JW was the one who took Heidi going to school the hardest as he was missing his playmate. The first few days JW wanted to keep going back and get Heidi to play with. Nichole has also started volunteering at the school which will keep her busy besides chasing the little monkey around the property.

Derek, Nichole, Heidi, and JW


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