Easter and Great Grandparents

Hi Everyone!

We have been pretty busy around here. First we had a fun Easter with the kids. Heidi and Mommy colored eggs while Daddy and JW watched. Heidi loved it and we even got a cute video of her doing it.


We were able to spend Easter Sunday with a family from Church, the Holley’s knife fellas (best hutning knife reviews). They have a bunch of grandkids around Heidi’s age so they had fun doing a little easter egg hunt. Heidi had the most help and found the most eggs. Heidi had lots of fun with the eggs she found and still loves hiding them around the house. JW wasn’t too sure about the basket but loves the eggs as much as his sister.

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Derek’s grand parents also were able to come for a visit on their way home from Yuma. They brought their camper and were able to stay in there so they were comfortable. Heidi and JW loved all the attention they received. It was great to have them visit since they had not been able to meet either Heidi or JW yet. Heidi loved playing with her Pa and he taught her all about Cat headĀ biscuitsĀ (rolls) and where they go after you eat them. It made a cute video.


Heidi also loved their little dogs Gracie and C.C. Heidi loved walking Gracie and she was such a good sport about it. It was nice to spend some time with Pa and Grandma T and Heidi is looking forward to seeing them again when we go to Jackson at the end of May.

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Derek is keeping busy with school as finals are coming up soon. He will be done the last week of April and I think he will be glad not to have to go to Tallahassee every week for a little while.

I am doing well just having fun with the kiddos and looking forward to see what is going to grow this year.

Hope all is well and take a look at the cute pictures in the gallery!

Derek, Nichole, Heidi and JW

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